GE Reveal HD+ 50W Replacement LED Light Bulb Indoor MR16

GE Lighting

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comfortable soft white light
GE High Definition bulbs are an improved, energy-saving LED that enhance the appearance of colors. Experience the difference with bolder colors and enhanced contrast vs. standard GE LED bulbs. Reveal is GE's best light, filtering dull yellow light to give you the incredible color.
  • 50-Watt replacement using only 7.5 Watts (450 lumens)
  • See your home in high definition light with exceptional color contrast and boldness
  • Saves $70 in energy cost vs. a 50-Watt halogen MR16 bulb over the bulb's life
  • pure_clean that’s dimmable
  • Suitable for use in enclosed fixtures
  • Same size and shape as a Halogen MR16 bulb